• I used to dress for both... trying to be fasionable and with a slight hint of sexy at the same time. I'm in my 30's now, and I dress primarily for convenience. On the few occasions I get to go out socially, I dress according to my mood and the occasion. I stopped trying to impress people quite a while ago.
  • Why should it be one or the other? Maybe the answer is 'both.'
  • As a lead secretary, I dress to impress both genders. The way you dress is really important. It's all about the impression you want to make.
  • Of course they do it is called vanity. Remember the song "You're So Vain" ?
  • I dress for me!
  • To give you another answer: getting praise by the way I dress makes me feel great!
  • I dress to impress myself, not others.😎
  • Our dress and grooming should be a reflection of sound judgement and should generate respect from those who observe us. The mosaic law made stipulations regarding clothing as a protection, it also distinguished God’s people from those of other nations. Jehovah cares about how we dress, he created clothing for Adam and Eve after they rebelled against him (Gen 3:21). Our form of dress can either be detestable to our God, or glorify his name. So to answer your question, I do not dress for women or men. I dress in a manner that pleases God, based on his lofty standards.
  • I wear what I think men would like, but I like it too.
  • We don't dress "for" anyone, we wear whatever we like.

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