• Norway...30 km away from safety and everything. exhausted, cold and captivated by the beautiful, breathtaking panorama.
  • On a summer's evening, lying on the grass in the back yard, staring at the stars and the vast emptiness of space. I almost felt like I was falling into the sky.
  • A water-hole at Ayers Rock at sunrise. It is a sacred womens place. Amazing. I have heard that is has been destroyed. i don't know if that is true.
  • Yes. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Drove through them and felt REALLY small. Beautiful scenery there...
  • Just about every day. Anywhere.
  • Many times. In the middle of several forest, especially the Redwoods, at the top of Grand Canyon and many other canyons, at the bottom of all those canyons, on a prarie in a desolate part of a lone highway in middle America, looking out over the ocean, watching the waves on amy lake or ocean, out in the middle of no where star gazing. The most beautiful moon I ever saw was during my stay in Bryce Canyon. Siting on the edge of a river as it flows by... especially when there are rapids near by. Sometimes I am awed, just sitting under a tree in my back yard.
  • Great question. Standing by the ocean, flying in a plane, In the redwoods, in the mountains, in the desert, and even sometimes when I walk out of the house. We are surrounded by beauty and sometimes don't even see it.
  • Planetarium - any
  • I was standing in Montana at where Little Big Horn took place and it was a cool fall day and I was alone. THe wind swept across the plain making the grass swish, and it was the only sound. I was near the river and I felt incredibly small, and even smaller when I imagined how it would have felt to be overwhelmed by a superior force riding down to destroy you. I was humbled by the moment for sure.

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