• I have owned my own business. At this point in my life, I would rather work for someone else. I don't have to worry about the taxes or other expenses.
  • I work for myself and I love it.
  • work for someone else...then at the end of the day it's over.
  • At the moment I'd rather work for someone else.You need to be quite disciplined to work for yourself and keeping your own books doesn't really interest me lol.
  • We have our own business and honestly I am so over it :(
  • I've done both. It's a lot more stress doing your own biz. I was so motivated and raked in the bucks. But burned out after 12 yrs. For the last 5 yrs I've been working for others. But I see it as just rest and recouping. I'll be back in biz for myself mostly becuz I work so hard and get so obsessed w/my work that it's such a waste to give all that energy to another biz.
  • It is a mixed bag. If you work for someone else, you do the tasks they want. In exchange, you get the security of a paycheck and regular hours. You don't have the responsibility for the business. If you own your own business, make sure it is one you really love. You will work long hours, have the stress of juggling money, but have the freedom of doing something you love, which never feels like work. Plus, if it is a good business financially, you will gain financial security too.
  • Work for myself but not by myself. Not into the traditional brick and mortar type business. Network Marketing is the best there is, no overhead, no payroll, no employees, no boss standing over you all day. Time Freedom, is something you will never get at a common job.

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