• Why is that all women think that all men like sports and action movies? ;)
  • Personally, I don't do that, but I know what you're talking about, and quite frankly, the only response I can think of is...some guys are complete idiots.
  • I think you would find the same thing happening with women disincluding men when discussing makeup and shoes.
  • Generally because women don't have the same interests. A lot of guys would love it if their gals enjoyed the same things but many of us don't..I personally just jump into a conversation if I have an opinion..if the guys are talking basketball...or if there is a lively conversaton going on about tennis..How many women do you know that give their guys grief because the guys want to watch football games or go out to play golf? It's a rare woman who not only doesn't mind that, but joins in and enjoys it. :)
  • Men relate better to men.
  • cause men r stupid (its really cause mens hourmones are programed to be doment back in caveman age)
  • I don't think that's limited to women alone. I believe men are also subject to this very same thing. For my part, being a kickboxing/footy/motocross kind of girl, the guys pretty much know I am interested and include me. I think if you are actively participating in or showing interest in the subject, you'll be included in the conversations about it :))
  • I agree with sweetcakes. Men do however enjoy speaking to other men as much as women enjoy speaking to other women. I acknowledge this and don't necessarily want to join a discussion women are having about Oprah's book club, even though I might have something interesting to say. I respect the 'fem club.' Guys should be afforded the same courtesy.
  • It is somewhere in the paradoxical void between offensive presumption and ignorant hyper-sensitivity. It could be solved by asking.
  • I think it's ridiculous to assume women don't like sports. Look at the people in the stadium. Plenty of woman. I'm a MUCH bigger baseball fan than most of the guys at work. But once they realized that, they didn't exclude me from conversations. They don't really exclude me from any conversations.
  • I'm constantly surrounded by women at work. I can say most assuredly that women will discuss ANYTHING with men (they're acquainted with), and are quite knowkedgeble on most subjects INCLUDING sports. If you know men who have the opinion you expressed, they probably don't have frequent contact with women. They simply don't know any better!
  • I don't exclude any women as a matter of fact most of the people I told to about sports etc are women
  • Since my interests are more 'manly' than feminine, so I am told. I must admit I would be very upset at being left out of a conversation about Sports or politics etc and left to talk about more 'ladylike' things like cooking and shopping.
  • oo, good question. i am guilty of this myself to be completely honest. i didn't think my wife would have any intrest in what i myself and friends where talking about, so i didn't drag her into something i didn't think she would like.
  • I've always tried to get women interested in stuff I like, but at best they politely try and humor me, trying not to show their disinterest and boredom. That's why, to me, any woman who's into cars and action movies automatically increase their sexiness by 200%
  • Both men and women do it. I know when I talk about fashion or subjects that have been regarded as "woman talk", I don't generally seek out my male friends! Some men also live in the 90s...the 1890s, where women only tended to things of the household. They think we're not into cars or movies or sports. I may not be an expert on any one subject, but I can surely ask intelligent questions, and I can certainly keep up with the banter. My bf is now learning about baseball (he's British) so he's learning everything there is to know about it. I am learning things that interest him so that I can also relate. It's a wonderful thing!!!
  • The main reason is because most women either don't have those same interests, or are too coy to admit it. I find it very alluring to speak to a women who can describe the "Tuck rule" or the "Infield fly rule" to me. You just gotta say something to the guy that lets him know you know your stuff, and he will be on you like white on rice.
  • When you say men what age are speaking of? I haven't had this problem personally.

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