• call an expert, the internet won't help.
  • And who is that expert that i can call?
  • Consult a licensed, experienced child psychologist.
  • First you need a bottle, trap the Jinn and then you seal it up and throw it in the ocean.
  • If you are certain that it is a Jinn then you need to talk to a spiritual person who has experience in this sort of problems. The Jinn are not invisible and to be in the body of a two year old child is not like being in the body of a pro foot ball quarterback. Remember the term terrible Two's this age 2 is a very difficult time for both parents and children, but the best way to handle these issues are with patience, tact, and good judgement but also I agree with the term spare the rod and spoil the child(From the Bible). If you lead a good clean life it will keep many undesirable things away from you and if not seek and expert in spiritual matters someone to meet personally not over the net.
  • Read the quran over them find a goo dexorcist or someone knowledgeable in the ways of removeing the djinn...
  • may need to go to psychiatrist. there is nothing could heart a human body even if its jinney or whatever humen is the only reason for any pain could felt byself.

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