• I think you answered your own question very well. "...learn as i go..." Its what we all do. Best thing is to be yourself as you said and everything works out you two will enjoy being with each others. As for a real relationship I don't know what a fake one is unless one is pretending to like the other (No clue why they would do that).
  • Sounds like you have a better grasp of relationships than a lot of adults I know. Don't worry about not having had a serious girlfriend yet. Some people date a lot, some a little and some find that one person in their lives right off the bat. Yes, treat a young woman with respect and kindness. be polite and witty if you can. Be honest so that you eran respect. Learn about each other; discuss your deams and hopes for the future as well as your thoughts on the world today and the things you both enjoy. When you get to know someone as a friend and the feelings are mutual, everything else pretty much takes care of itself. Good luck on finding someone special.
  • HG-starfish --- It sounds like you understand the situation very well. Sixteen is a perfectly fine age to have never had a real relationship. Twenty-six is borderline. Forty-six raises eyebrows. Just relax (I *know* it's hard to do that) and take it slow. While you *could* get hit by a bus tomorrow, the statistics say that's highly unlikely and you'll have plenty of time to develop good relationships with members of the opposite sex.
  • Go with the flow until you see sharks with lasers on their head. That's when it's time to think about your current position.
  • Sounds like you are thinking wisely. Don't rush into things and follow your your heart. Take the friendship with this young lady one step at at a time. REMEMBER Respect is key and don't rush into having sex. You all are young.
  • At 16, just be patient, and take it like it comes. You're exactly right to just be yourselves, have fun, stay together and learn as you go.
  • These things have a way of taking care of themselves. One day you will meet a girl and develop a relationship. Best advice; learn to love, honor and respect yourself. Learn to accept yourself without judgment. If you can do this, you will be able to accept others without judgment. And, you will only choose as partners those who honor you and from whom you feel honor. You can tell what a person thinks of themselves by looking at who they choose as a friend/partner. So honor yourself and you will honor yourself by the partners you choose. Have a great life.
  • dont worry about it, i didnt have my first real relationship untill i was 17, i was starting to think i would never have one. just take your time, and someone will come along, then just go with the flow from there. you will find someone :]
  • you'll probably figure that out later
  • You star being chatty work up from a random compliment or comment to conversation and an invitation to coffee for some alone time. It goes bad what's an hour, live and learn. It goes well and a cup of coffee can turn into 2 or 3 and some laughter and a plan to get together again. Start as friends. A relationship develops. Don't over think it. Be calm and enjoy each other's company. Good luck!

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