• I don't see a problem with the ages, but due to his prior divorce I would have a sit-down talk with her and strongly urge her to proceed with caution, and to come to her mother or me if she had any concerns.
  • I don't see much problem with it if they are compatible. It's only 14 years. If it were my daughter I would have some concerns about her being too young to be in a relationship; but, that's probably my only issue with it. If the man was a good man and treated her well, I wouldn't have a problem.
  • If this so called twenty year old loves the divorced man and he loves her I see nothing wrong with it. Regardless of how I might personally feel about the situation myself if she were my daughter I would trust that my daughter had made the right choice in dating this guy and she is an adult and has the right to be happy even if I think her choice was a mistake.
  • When I was 29, I dated a 19 yr old, quite mature for her age. Only once in a while she'd say or do something that was, well, unexpected and immature. I usually was able to understand that it was her immaturity showing (which, as I said, didn't happen often). Other that that aspect, if you enjoy each other's company, have fun. If you're lucky, fall in love.
  • The age does not matter, if it was my daughter and she loved him and he loves her then I would give them my blessing. Maybe I would have a talk with her just because the guy has had a marriage before and he understands a little more on married life. Just some helpful counsel.
  • I don't have a problem with either scenario - they're both single, consenting adults.
  • I guess there is nothing to feel about it.they are mature enough to live their own lives.when we have lived our lives based on our own choices it is better to leave them alone to make their own choices.
  • I don't feel that the age difference matters. To be be honest, were the 20 year old my daughter, I wouldn't care for the fact that he's divorced. I'd feel like my baby was getting used merchandise. On the other hand, if she loved him and he her, Id have no problem with their relationship.
  • id be glad she is smart enough to date a more responsible, mature, hard working guy instead of an irresponsible, unstable kid with no job?
  • Age doesn't make any difference at all! If he makes you happy that's all that matters and your parents should feel the same way. If not you have to remember that it is your life not these and they will have to learn to accept it. Everyone gets divorced these days and has baggage, but that's in the past why worry about it
  • If she is as intelligent and mature as you say, then she has made her own choice and you should respect that. Give her some credit. It would not matter if she were my daughter. Also, dating doesn't mean marriage or shacking up.
  • I don't see a problem based on the way you put it. My daughters are free to do as they please as adults. I'raised them to be smart, decent kids. They have the knowledge to do what is right for them.
  • Actually, that sounds like a friend of mine. She's very happily married now, and they have two kids. :-)
  • I would think...what a waste of a 20 year old.
  • No prob...I am 22 & my b-friend is 34. He is divorced w/ a lil boy. And it is the healthiest relationship that I have ever been in :) He is VERY mature, like me!!! Oh and the sex is AMAZING :)
  • i think that you should do what makes you happy. If both of you don't have any issues with the age gap then go for it. there will be some generational issues that will arise but nothing that can't be sorted. You mentioned that he's divorced... how is his relationship with his ex-wife because that could also come into it sometime in his new relationships. from personal experience, i'm 24 and the man that i'm seeing is 51, twice divorced with kids & grandkids. My parents were a little put off at first when i told them about him (since he is only 3 years younger than my mum & 13 than my father) but they realise that we are both adults as long as we're happy and not hurting anyone then why shouldn't we be together. :) Hope that helps and good luck in your relationship.
  • She's a slut. Second: That she's a slut.
  • to be honest... im kinda with a 40 yr old and im only 19 he has been married (10 yrs ago) and has a 7 yr old son. we dnt have a relationship as such and we dnt date as of yet,,, bit of a problem as we work together but we get on great age shouldnt matter and ppls opinion shouldnt matter either.
  • I would not show my worries or nag at her if she is my daughter cus that will put her off, and she probably will not tell me anything. (They can get rebellious and thats a stage I dun wish them to be) I would prefer to lay off and be happy for her as she must be enjoying her relationship. But I will let her know that I will be around if she has anything she wants to talk about. When we be their friends than parents, they are less defensive and will open up more; which is what we want as we need to keep track of things and be there in time to help whenever its needed.
  • Well honestly, I always been attracted to older men cause mind and maturity level cause we click better. They are both adults as well. I can understand why a parent might be concerned, but if the guy is a good guy and your daughter is happy, I wouldn't worry too much.
  • 1) First, with this information, I would think that she is intelligent and mature. Maybe her maturity is not enough to let her ponder all the consequences, especially if the man has already children, but it is not my cup of tea, if we are not somehow related. 2) Second, if it were my daughter, I love my daughter. I would respect her choice, but I could also give her some elements for pondering about the possible consequences.
  • At 24 I married a man MUCH OLDER than myself......We have a daughter now and a marriage that is much stronger than many where the age difference is not as extreme. If the man is kind, considerate, gentle, good provider, AND THEY LOVE EACH OTHER....than there is no issue....It becomes an issue if a parent gets in the way of the daughter processing the circumstance. Try to separate them and you end up pushing them together.
  • if she is attractive as well, lucky dude.
  • The thirty-four year old man is lucky or blessed depending on how you look at it. If it was my daughter I would tell her he'd better be rich!

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