• There are muscles that keep you from leaking urine. For some people those muscles are streached out due to pregnancy, age, or other reasons. When someone laughs, coughs or sneezes it put extra stress on the muscle (I don't know why) and they relax causing urine to leak. BTW you can exercise these muscles by doing what are called Kegel's. When you are going to the bathroom try to stop and start peeing several times. Some people can exercise the muscles even when they are not in the bathroom. If the problem is severe enough their are medications and even surgery which can be done.
  • their bladders are weak trust me i am a girl i know
  • Weak sphincter muscles. These can be strengthened through kegel exercises.
  • 5-28-2017 Magnesium deficiency is common in the USA. Magnesium strengthens muscles, calms nerves, stops cramps, and fights infections. Get epsom salt. It is cheap, five bux for a year's supply. Put a dose in a glass with water to cover and stir until it dissolves. Fill the glass with lemonade and drink it. You can take it without the lemonade but you won't like the taste. Milk of magnesia is more expensive but nicer tasting and gentler laxative action. Your choice.

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