• It means you could be pregnate or...Well thats the only answer I could come up with...cuz my mom was pregnate and it's been only 8-9 days since shes been off her cycle.
  • maybe instead of a period it was a run-on sentence. just kidding you could be preganant, this happened to me and i have a 2 year old to prove it
  • It can mean tons of things, first- you can be pregnant, second- your cycle is changing, third- you need to see your doctor because it can be something more serious. Good luck!
  • It can be a number of things...if there is a possibility of pregnancy, take a test...stress is one factor that can cause this...if you are concerned see a doctor and they can test your hormones...but I recommend not to get hormone therapy...synthetic hormones are not good for the body...there are different foods that help your body produce the hormones on their own...research...

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