• Yes. I am not an expert on this but it may be worth seeing a doctor.Stress, Too much booze etc could also contribute to this .
  • Yep. Unfortunately, any man at any age can suffer with impotency. whether it be caused by stress, poor health, smoking, bad diet, drug abuse or alchoholism. Sometimes, impotency is genetic. If there is a single case of impotency in the family history. Chances are, it will occur again. I'm 27 now, but six years ago, I suffered with impotency for at least 18 months. Until, I went to the doctor. And he diagnosed the problem being caused by smoking too much, life style and no exercise. If you or your girlfriend are concerned? Make an appointment to see the doctor. Or ask a good confidant to make the appointment for you. It's probably caused by stress. Don't worry, you'll soon be waking up in your own tent duvet every morning soon enough. Take care.
  • yes, I knew a guy when I was in high school who couldn't get it up. He could have been 17 or 18 at the time
  • rare but possible. Ask your doctor to check
  • Yup, of course, a lot of impotence is psycological, and thats where I would start looking if I were you, see a doctor, or psychologist (whomever you feel more comfortable with) and discuss possible causes and treatments
  • Nothing is promised.

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