• Not I. But I stick to people I am actually friends with, and yes I have denied friend requests because I was only vaguely acquainted with the person instead of actually being friends.
  • I have around 45 friends on facebook, which is not that many by most people's standards I think. But I dislike the way people just accumulate "friends" on these kind of sites when many of those on their "friends" list are random people who they have never spoken to. I only add or allow people who I have either spent time with in person or communicated with over regular a substantial period of time via phone/email/IM... even that is a fairly relaxed version of what I would define as a friend, but I have to pad it out a little at least - I'm not trying to win the popularity contest but I would at least like to not come dead last!!!
  • Emerson Spartz (the creator of the HP fansite mugglenet) has 4951 friends... I know as a fact he doesn't know all of them because he doesn't actually know me. I on the other hand have 303 friends. While all of them aren't my "friends" I have at least met all of them, whether or not I still remember where I know them from is up to debate.
  • I have a friend that has 4732 friends, her name is Aroub Soubh and she doesnt know them all
  • I have 757 friends on Facebook, not nearly as many as some other people I'm "friends" with or know of, having thousands of friends. When adding or accepting people, I message every one of them I don't know where I know them from and only accept them if I know if I know them or not, I only add people I know. My friend came up with a theory the other day, If the person is taking the time to add you than they must have heard about you or of you and even if you don't know them, they must know you, and to accept those, but when adding people, only adding people I know that I know. I like it!
  • I haVe 23,876 friends on facebook But that is becuase i am a pretty cool dude. Most of them asked me to be their friend, i presume that is becasue i am a really good looking bloke. Girls just want me, and blokes just want to be me.... Its the natural pecking order.
  • i have 8497 friends on facebook i have 7230 friends on orkut i have 6879 friends on Hi5 i have 19781 friends on tagged any1 can beat that
  • 42 I dont know at all, just have them for this game we all play. 59 are people I know in South Africa. 2 are online friends. 40 are long old time friends. That means I have a total of 145. I'm not big in the on I'll just add you as a friend because you are the child of a cousin related to the sister of my friends mother. Or even random people so if I stop playing that game I'll drop 42 of the people in my friends list and they would do the same since its the game we play that keeps us as friends.
  • i used to try for the numbers thing... then i realized i didnt know or like most of the people on my list. went through and deleted 3/4 of my friends, and i still have 350... but i justify it because having lived i three places since getting facebook, i've made a lot of friends...
  • My friend in my college had over 2000 friends on Facebook. Tragically she died in a light aircraft accident last spring, but interestingly only about 150 people went to her funeral. Shame on them.
  • I have 5 friends in real GET A LIFE assholes!!!!!!!!! why you want to have some friends that you wont ever see?talk or have have fun with them i preffer to have 1 real friend than 100000000 FAKE!>>> it sounds really stupid to say that i have 234234 friends on hi5 785642 friends on facebook 000000 friends in REAL?????
  • I think I have 283. I personally know 99% of them. Real friends of mine, people I went to school with, worked/work with, family, friends of friends (but only the ones that are kinda my friends too-not someone I met for 10 seconds at a party of a friend of a friend of a friend lol). I don't add anyone I don't 'know', and honestly can't see how some people do that. I have pic albums, etc, I don't feel comfortable for people I don't know going through them. There were also some people that have tried to add me that I know, but I've rejected the invite; these are people (mainly from the past) whom you'd never talk to in real life; say if you bumped into them, there wouldn't be a friendly comfortable conversation ensuing. Like people in high school who never looked twice at you. F off lol; you only want to add me to your numbered list. When I see some people with 1000+ people on their list, I laugh and think what percentage of those people are actually friends, or people they'd actually talk to in real life. Sorry to be so pessimistic lol, I like facebook and all, but some people do take it overboard.
  • I have FIVE. Yes count them FIVE friends on facebook. It's because that's all I want there. My best friend, my sister, my boyfriend, one of his sisters, and a good friend from AB.
  • Having 5 friends on facebook is just pointless. I add anybody I know even if not really atall because I know every now and then I find it interesting just to have a look at people's pages and be like, oh she's doing medicine now, interesting. It's a networking website designed to make keeping contact with people easier, i don't really think it's useful for close friends. Those you just meet up with or phone!
  • Uncle Sam's Printing used to have 1,000,000 then something happened now they have like 100. Weird.

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