• Adam's punishment was that he had to work to obtain food and his other needs. And frankly, there is no logic to any of it. It's like trying to rationalize why Bugs Bunny can run off a cliff and not fall till he looks down.
  • Adam was forced to "work the land", to farm and hunt.
  • Isn't it a bit hard to take any of that seriously?
  • Most Christians do not take the Creation story in Genesis literally. This story tells religious truth and not necessarily historical fact. Adams punishment is described in Genesis 3:17-19: To the man he said: "Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree of which I had forbidden you to eat, "Cursed be the ground because of you! In toil shall you eat its yield all the days of your life. Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth to you, as you eat of the plants of the field. By the sweat of your face shall you get bread to eat, Until you return to the ground, from which you were taken; For you are dirt, and to dirt you shall return." With love in Christ.
    • dickw60
      Actually it does not say "wife" but "woman" ( Strong's H802) as is required by Harmonics in the Bible. "Because you listened to the woman and ate..."
  • Oh, what a jealous god. Why cant we be as smart as him. Why forbid something and give us free will, so that we may love him out of choice and then make us ignorant to his love.
  • Yes it is very harsh. And like didn't adam and eve have children and if they were the only people on earth doesnt that mean that we are all related as we all came from them AND i thought they only had sons and one died or something so how the hell does that work???? Maybe i'm getting mixed up i dunno
    • dickw60
      Eve had 3 sons and 2 daughters that are known of. Cain had a twin sister and Able also had a twin sister. Cain married Able's sister but because Cain slew Able Cain's sister had no one to marry. Therefore Eve had a third son, Seth. When he had reached the age of majority (about 14 years of age) he married Cain's sister.
  • Is there any being more petty than God?
  • eating of the fruit ,the DISOBEDIANCE, the punishment was death..thats why we die, the disobediance ....she has pain in childbirth ..this was a curse on woman...and the curse on man was to toil the ground and work in sweat til he returned back to dust.... harsh ? to some...but it the Best way to show HE demands of now DISOBEDIANCE will be even harsher...eternal death.... but many see it as u do...HE was often HARSH and CRUEL in HIS WAY to a lot of people..but thats only because they don't understand what HE DEMANDS after FAITH.seriously!..:)
  • Adams punishment was the whole world is cursed for what he did,and now mankind dies.Were born in sin now for Adams sin.The thing is all of us would have done the same thing,accept probably worse.
    • dickw60
      For those who believe and have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ the sins of Adam have been paid in full and are no more. We live in the "Age of Grace" under the "Law of Love". If you do not believe you are still judged by "God's Law" of which no man can live up to.
  • You're confused? I'll clear it all up real quick. It's all foolishness and nonsense intended to keep you in a state of confusion. It was taken from ancient texts of past pagan religions and in essence the Bible is nothing more than a book of copyright infringements when you get right down to it. This stuff was all put together when the vast majority of the population was still illiterate and access to written material was strictly controlled by the church and what amounted to city states back in the middle ages. They strictly controlled access because then the preachers could just tell the people whatever they wanted them to hear. They bought it hook line and sinker and those who didn't were called heretics and systematically tortured and killed. The real amazing thing is people still believe this foolishness and think somehow that the church has changed its stripes. Don't think for a second if the church could begin beheading and torture of 'heretics" and nonbelievers they would even dream of passing up that golden opportunity to have a monopoly on the beliefs of people. Lucky for us people do know how to read and the printed book is no longer strictly controlled by the church and state.
    • dickw60
      The confusion is caused by the "church" not the Bible (KJV). The church has told lies so long the lies are believed to be truth. There is no confusion in the Bible.
  • No, women suffer in childbirth because our bodies are riddled with imperfection and sin. If she had remained obedient, God
  • 2-13-2017 A&E were not punished, they merely suffered the consequences of their actions. Suppose Mommy tells Baby not to touch the stove. Baby touches the stove. Mommy does not punish Baby by inflicting pain, Baby merely suffers the consequences of disobedience. Consider this: the tree of life was there, and there was no commandment about it. A&E could have eaten from it, and then the devil could have kept them in their unsaved state forever. God loved A&E so much that He sent an angel to guard the approach so they couldn't do that, and then He announced that a savior would be sent. The first prophecy of the coming savior is Genesis 3:15. You think this is a fairy tale? About twelve thousand years ago there was a city of about two million people in the Indus valley with NO WAR, no preparation at all for defense. One day the people got up and went away and the world has had continuous war ever since. It might interest you to know that there were eye witnesses to this whole story. They recorded their observations as best they could, carving some records into stones and passing verbal accounts from one generation to the next. It has taken a very long time to interpret these records because they don't describe anything we have seen. For example the legend of the dragon is carved into rocks all over the world, but it is only recently that anybody has noticed a natural effect that fits that description. This is a long book because it tries to cover everything completely.
  • Reading it as most people would Yes,its harsh. It is a parable telling us not to let our way go against God's. our pride makes us imagine we can do as we please without consequences.

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