• I don't under stand why people would want that; all your family and friends would be dead, no to mention learning a whole new culture!!!! So i guess thats a big no.
  • We do not have the technology to do this today. The people who are put into cold storage right now are doing it with the HOPE that at some point in the future we will develop the ability to revive them. Personally, I think that this is one of the side effects of atheism. When one does not believe in an after life, one will tend to fear death. This fear of death can lead to extreme measures to try and escape it. I, on the other hand, believe in an afterlife that is much better than the present one. So, I don't fear death. That is not to say that I am ready to go right now, but I will accept it when it comes. I certainly would waste my money on something like cryogenics.
  • I don t think it works yet, but it may in the future. I would not have it done, You dont have more life, you just put it on hold. why would you want to wake up and not know anyone, any recent events, be behind on the knowledge and be alone...
  • No it is not an exact science just an idea for the future. I would rather leave my family my money than a frozen corpse. They will get no gain from me being frozen either now or in the future, even if the science worked.
  • The best way of seeing cryonics, or to use the more technical term, cryopreservation, is that it is a sort of medical intervention. A cryopreserved body should not be seen as dead waiting to be brought back to life - "death" as defined by the cryonicist is a state wherein enough of one's identity critical information, stored in the brain, is irrevocably lost. We just don't know enough about how and where identity critical information is stored in the brain, and how it is affected even after permanent brain death. It may well be retrievable even if the brain as a whole can never be made to function again, and "uploaded" into a machine or a cloned body. I call it a medical intervention, and that might sound odd to some of you. But today, people that are without heartbeat or respiration, in the more advanced hospitals (especially university hospitals) are cooled to the point of hypothermia so that the rate of damage caused by this state is lessened, and they can be resuscitated one or more hours later, after what needs to be done is done. This is a difference of scale and quantity, not quality. It's just that the former method (induced hypothermia) is proven to work or improve chances in many cases, and we really don't know if or how often cryopreservation will work. We don't know if the current methods of cryopreservation destroy whatever identity critical information remains in the brain at the time of preservation - it well might, but we won't know for at least a couple of decades more, I suspect. If it does preserve all or enough identity critical information, a cryopreserved patient can expect to be resuscitated one day, at worst suffering some memory loss. The resuscitation will require advanced nanotechnology and computer science, but not more advanced than we'll be in the next few decades, at most fifty years. A review of the rate of progress in these fields will make this estimate seem conservative if nothing else. I would and have "paid" the amount specified in the question. The good news is that it can be paid via some life insurance policies. You don't have to be necessarily very rich to do this. And life insurance for those amounts isn't particularly expensive - many people take out double or more than those amounts. The difference can go to your family, and the cost of cryopreservation goes to the possibility of experiencing life again one day. I don't know if it works - that's a matter of neuroscience and how well we cryopreserve with current technology. But I know that with cremation of burial I have a 0% chance of future living, and a higher than 0% chance with cryonics. It seems like a no-brainer to me.
  • No .. and hell no.
  • It's strange- I read about this in the science museum today. We cannot revive the dead right now, people who have their bodies frozen are doing it in the hope that one day in the future, scientists will revive them. Cool idea, huh!! Would I pay to have it done? Maybe, I'll think about it...
  • Here is a Buddhist / spiritual perspective. If the body is frozen in suspended animation before actual death, your consciousness will be Karmically bound to the frozen body, and thus for a very long time you may be "stuck" in limbo, unable to progress, as ones consciousness is not freed until death. This could be extremely unpleasant and irreversible until someone tries thawing you out. If your body is frozen after death, your consciousness has left and so revival later will not bring back your consciousness.
  • No ! I think the ability to bring back the dead is a VERY long way off into the future, IF EVER . By that time, I don't think that I would want to live in a world as it would be at that time anyway.
  • My real issue is for all of us who believe in God. IF you die and your soul goes to heaven, or hell, when they thaw you out does the soul come back from where it was to try and re-establish the path to heaven? If it ever actually happens it will be a question to ask the first guy back from the freeze, don't you think?
  • Well freezing causes huges amount of cellular damage. That coupled with not everyone having their entire bodies frozen (like head etc). Means that any resurection society will need to know whole body regrowth, massive cellular regeneration techniques and nerve damage repair/linking. This is all far far away in the terms of science. This is of course not taking into account they would need to fix whatever killed you. Examples are terminal incurable illnesses and old age (those being the real toughies) and you'd have to repair the damage these wrought on you. On conclusion I would say these cures would be possible in the distant future, it just depends on if they can keep you frozen with the minimum of increasing damage for that time (they might go bust for example). But I would say if you fancy it why not? It's only money and you can't take it with you, so you've nothing to lose either way. :-)
  • I have to address the issue of The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit. Why on earth would someone actually believe that Almighty God, our Creater, would allow people to be succefull in any way with this nonsince. Now come on, when one takes there last breath their soul is released from the host they called there body, and they will be in heaven with Jesus or they will lift up their eyes in hell. This will never work for the simple fact that our Lord will not allow it. People you need to wake up, just because you do not believe in The trinity does not mean it's not real. God is the same then and now and forever.
  • No, there's no future in it :o)

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