• Yes, and it is everywhere. The yellow light is when you are supposed to stop, according to the law. If the light turns red at any time during your turn or movement, you are guilty of running a red light. sorry.
  • I just called the Fort Walton Beach Police department and talked to a police officer about this question. She said that as long as the car is obeying other traffic laws (like not speeding or reckless driving), the car is legally allowed to be in the intersection when the light is yellow. So if the a car started into an intersection during a yellow and it turns red, that is ok. She also mentioned the reason why most people get a ticket going through an intersection with a yellow light is because they are speeding through it trying to beat the red.
  • The worst thing is when u r waiting to turn left and the light turns yellow and cars are still speading through the intersection. They should br ticketed not the person waiting to turn left! If you dicide that you are going to go left and are beside the driver who was in the intersection during a yellow light, and then the person behind him desides to go. that is wrong beacuse he entered the intersection after the light turns red.
  • From the Florida Driver's Handbook: Green light: Go - but only if the intersection is clear. Yield to pedestrians and vehicles still in the intersection. If turning left, wait for a gap in oncoming traffic to complete the turn. Yellow light: Stop if you can. The light will soon be red. Red light: Come to a complete stop at the marked stop line or before moving into the crosswalk or intersection. If the light changes to red while you are in the intersection, that tells me that either you are an extremely slow driver, the light had been yellow long enough for you to make a safe stop at the light, or the intersection wasn’t clear when you entered it and you had to sit in the middle of it waiting for the traffic to clear. However, if you didn't have time to stop on the yellow and the intersection was open for you to make your turn then you are o.k. and have the right to proceed. The point of the yellow is to reduce accidents not increase them by you slamming on your breaks to stop at the light. So, if you have the ability to stop at the light once it turned yellow you must stop. If you're waiting for an opening to turn and are planning to do it on the yellow or red because you know the oncoming traffic will have to stop, then you are going on a yellow and/or had already proceeded into the intersection on the green or yellow when it wasn't clear to complete your turn. Both instances are in violation to the Florida handbook.
  • If you arent speeding it is legal to be there when the light is yellow.

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