• You will need a "transcoder" to transform the mpeg files you have to the .smv files. The manufacturer of your player should have supplied you with such a program.
  • my smv player doesn't convert big size files.but the other avi files (about 40-50 mb) converted easily by smv program? Can i convert 150 mb? sorry my english not so good. i hope you understand. i'll wait answers
  • you can use Kingdia video converter for this .. Steps are : 1. convert your MPEG files to WMV (or whatever ur converter(transcorder) uses) 2. Then convert it to SMV thats what u want it can convert any file to any size in any format .....
  • i got a mp3 player recenly. its the 'philips' one and i have noo idea how to work it. all the video have to in SMV format or whatever u wanna call it. how do you convert it to SMV...Please, help me!

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