• Well i would say just talk to him about it and if he puts his foot down for blue well then he could wear blue while you decide on a color that fits right for blue or if its your 1st wedding you could wear white and he can wear blue or yall both can just mix a color that you pick that will fit right with what he is wearing or if that does not work out try looking in the wedding books on a color that fits right for you there easy to pick up but i say just pick what you feel is right it will come to you soon...the most thing that matters is that your getting married to the one you love and your soon to spend the rest of your life together so just have fun picking, Thats all that i could really think of ~GODBLESS~ and ~GOODLUCK~ Hope i could help :)
  • lots of colours go well with blue! What do you WANT to wear? are you thinking of jeans? or a proper wedding dress? Or are you not so much concerned with the blue, but with the very traditional look of his best uniform, and how that will affect the overall theme of the wedding? Remember, the wedding is only a day, the marriage is for life - so what does it really matter what you wear for the wedding as long as you use it as a spring board to celebrate the rest of your combined lives?
  • wear yellow
  • Dress blues are dark, so white will go. But this is another guy's thoughts.
  • Red and White. Be patriotic.
  • Non-traditional? Have a BDU camo dress made.
  • unconventional ? but marrying a marine and patriot....its all open for you to,white and blue..:)
  • Find a dress with blue or add blue details to your dress to match him out of respect for his uniform.

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