• Yep you could be. all it takes is one sperm cell to reach your egg and fertilize.
  • Yes you could be.
  • This is part of why "typical use" of condoms has a 15% failure rate. People don't use them correctly! As for pregnancy, there are factors such as how regular your periods are (and thus ovulation), if there was pre-ejaculate, if there were active sperm present in said pre-ejaculate, etc. Don't do something stupid like this in the future, not just for pregnancy, but also STD transmission.
  • If you are 10 days into your cycle( count from the first day of bleeding to when you had sex) The ova has not ovulated yet, but between days 11-16 ovulation occurs, usually around day 14 or 15, but sperm can live inside the female body for days. However if you are close to having your period the ova is probably non-viable anymore(no longer fetile) There is a small window in which fertilization happens, and even if it was fertilized in the oviduct, it may never implant. The ova needs time to divide and become a blastocyst before entering the Uterus. AND ANYWAYS IF HE WAS IN YOU FOR 30-40 SECONDS IT IS A VERY LOW CHANCE THAT YOU ARE PREGNANT.
  • If yu are that worried yu should take the plan B pill, and not make tht mistake again.

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