• No, that funny look on you're face when you first taste it makes you look creepy
  • Depends on how they drink their tea. If an American takes "high tea" it makes them look snooty. If a Brit has tea, it makes them seem like they are drinking tea. If an Indian is drinking Chai, it makes them look like they want some tea. Just remember, to LOOK sophisticated, you have to hold your pinky out!
  • It can, but tea is a normal drink, so I don't see how it could. Maybe how you sip it could affect the way you look.
  • I drink tea and I never thought about it.
  • I think it depends a great deal on how you hold the cup. ;)
  • The way I chug? I really doubt it.
  • Keep your pinky (finger) out!
  • Only someone from America would ask that.
  • Yes, and so does smoking!
  • not the way I slug it back out of a huge mug, it could be beer the way I down it.
  • Only if you are dressed in Prada from head to toe and sitting on the leaning on the bonnet of your new Mercedes Sport ( or Lexus). However, having said that, slurping it from a giant mug with Snoopy on the front and then using it to put out your fag afterwards won't do wonders for you either. Do you want to look more sophisticated than you think you are then? Do tell.
  • No but an EXCELLENT tea that I get from the local Indian grocery is Red Label. The box is red and yellow with the name written in both Urdu and English. This is by far the BEST tea I have ever had!
  • I drink it ice cold and from a large Mason Jar. Sophistication? LOL !! I don't think so ; )
  • Maybe so it's the tiny cups and saucers we use , with the pinkie finger sticking out - lol
  • Tea is the number one beverage in the UK. Its a good detoxant, wether it makes you sophisticated, ask the blokes who dig holes in the road while showing bum cleavage, wether their tea breaks make them look sophisticated lol.
  • I drink it all the time and i don't think it makes me look sophisticated but i guess it does the trick for some people.
  • Depenging on how you drink it it can. Pinky up = pretentious. Two hands on glass = Zen/peaceful. Sipping with a straw = unappreciative (of the full flavors and aroma of the tea). One hand on handle of teacup like you're drinking coffee = sophisticated. Do either this or the two-hand method.
  • No but it makes you pee more
  • it makes u look silly and, worst of all... british DUN DUN DUN!!!
  • No, it just makes me less of a b***h in the morning. I don't like caffeine so I drink herbal tea instead.
  • No, but 'looking sophisticated' can make drinking tea 'look sophisticated'. Have the right look and the right attitude and everything you do can 'look sophisticated', or cool, or whatever. Study the people around you and you should be able to work this out.
  • I don't think so. In any case, that is not why I drink it. I like it. I can care less what others think of me when I drink it.
  • Yes I think so, sometimes. I like the idea of drinking tea but im not that keen on it.
  • yeah when i drink tea i get out my king uniform so i look good drinking it
  • I don't think so. In any case, I really don't care because I drink it because I like it not for my image.
  • There are definitely some guidelines you have to apply to in order to look sophisticated when you drink tea. 1.) Wear your hair behind your shoulders and long enough to stay behind your shoulders. (I'm not sure but I think it might help to also be wearing glasses) 2.) You have to be drinking from a mug and be holding it by the handle with 2 or 3 fingers with only one hand. 3.) DONT DONT DONT slurp!! 4.) This one's kind of a given, but don't spit it out all over the person next to you like you're doing a spit-take and yell, GROSS! IS THAT TEA OR DOG POOP? Then shake the lady who made the tea by the shoulders and yell, ARE YOU TRYING TO POISON ME, WOMAN???
  • Too late. I'm already sophisticated. I drink tea because i like tea.

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