• You have to comb your hair first, then hold hold your hair out straight and press.
  • First, practice when you have nowhere to go, so you can get a feel for what your hair needs. Comb out a small section of your hair away from your head. Apply the curling iron to the end of your hair, and then slowly roll it closer to your head. Keep the iron flat -- do not twist it around your hair. Once it's as close as you want it, hold it for a few seconds (not too long -- start with ten seconds. If that's not long enough, go for fifteen and so on until you get the look you want). When you're ready to release, you will not do so with the iron by your scalp -- you'll unroll it away from your head. Don't go as slowly, though; you want your hair to bounce back to the curl, not straighten itself back out. If your avatar is an accurate picture of you, you have fairly long hair. A narrow curling iron is not for you. Make sure your iron has a medium to wide barrel -- this will help keep your hair from tangling in it. also, beware. After a certain length, hair won't curl up no matter what you do to it. You almost certainly won't get small ringlets with a curling iron, but you might be able to get the bigger wavy curls.

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