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  • more info on lactating men! :0
  • LOL Zee! I love this question! I was going to ask something about man-lactating too, but you made me completely forget about it. This is hilarious! I guess if my man lactated, I would be able to quit my second job...because he would be able to feed the baby! (I dont have a baby or a second job, for the record)
  • Lactation isn't an issue. I'm less interested in what comes out of his nipples as what comes out of his brain and mouth.
  • Well, I certainly wouldn't touch or play with his nipples much or at all... :/
  • I have never heard of lactating men. Do you know someone like this? I don't know. I guess I could handle it, as long as it wasn't a constant he had to change his shirt every hour. But it is a weirdness I'd have to get over. But I've gotten over oddball quirks like that before (I once had a boyfriend with webbed feet - and yes, he could swim like a fish)
  • that is just gross. No thanks!

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