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  • Yes many years ago. We worked at the same place and would meet in a hotel. We never told anybody about it - either in or out of work. To this day, my best friend doesn't know. I don't know why I never said anything, I just didn't. I seem to remember it made things more exciting.
  • I'm not telling........
  • yeah I have ...the reason?.. so I didn't have to answer the standard 50 questions that friends and family ask in the first 5mins after they find out your seeing someone
  • I have, we were doing the same course together at university but there were only about 30 people in my year group, we were all close so it was exciting to keep it a secret from our friends, it was mainly a physical relationship but very fun, we were acting together in the end of year play as well so that added to the excitement :)
  • If I told you then it would no longer be a secret would it? I guess I'll keep it a secret.
  • Yes. I have a "secret" relationship with a 21 year old when I was 36. He worked where I did and I was the crew leader. I'm not sure what was more exciting, the sneeking around, or just the being with him.
  • Yes I did with my sweetie. We worked together and office rromances were kind of frowned upon. We tried to keep it quiet but eventually people got suspicious and we had to admit to it. I lost my job soon afterwards for so called performance issues.
  • I married my High School sweetheart, my ex was an only child, and parents divorced. Mother HATED ME!, vowed to disown her, so we kept the relationship a secret for 13 years until we divorced. It would be hard on me, when the mother would stop by unexpectedly, having to run around all stupid, hiding my stuff, making it "appear" my ex lived alone... there were times I would be sitting in a closet for 2 hours at a time reading a book with a flashlight while they visited. I don't know why I put up with it all those years, look where we landed anyways.

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