• I did it yesterday. (Assuming we're talking about standard American or British English)
  • "Done" is either a passive voice or a past participle. As a passive voice it points toward a passive object which receives action, and the sentence will have no active do-er. As a past participle it is used to indicate something that happened in relation to a definite time (the default reference time would be "now"), or to another event or action. Whether passive voice or past participle, in either case it must be combined with an auxiliary verb like "have" or "was". "It is done." --would be proper use of the word as a passive verb; or "I have done that; I was done yesterday." --is proper use of it as past participle. "Did" is an active verb, and simple past tense. As an active verb, there is an active agent in the sentence, and the verb just moves the story along. "I did it yesterday" is correct.
  • Generally if you use a time adverb that identifies a point in the past, you need to use the simple past. 'I did it previously' versus 'I've done it already'. 'I done it' however, is never strictly grammatically correct, although it's common usage nowadays.
  • I did it yesterday
  • I did it yesterday.

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