• This sounds like an image adjustment problem, as it occurs all of the time. There are controls on video displays to adjust the shape of the image, as well as things such as colour, brightness, and contrast. Most of these adjustments are made internally, so you would need a service manual and some knowledge of television maintenance before you attempt to make any adjustments. Rear-projection CRT televisions often need to be recalibrated after being moved. There is also the possibility of a fault in the image control circuitry. If this is the case, you will not be able to adjust the television properly - it would need to be repaired. Given the quality of rear-projection CRT displays, it would certainly be worth repairing and then having properly calibrated. Since the television is difficult to drop off at a repair shop (and cannot be properly calibrated except in it regular operating location), call a few repair shops to get a rough estimate of the cost.

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