• Love of family. It's not that they forget the pain, they sure don't! But it's the love of their kids/family that drives them to continue.
  • THe pain will always hurt during labor, meds help though! But the desire and love for children is much stronger than temporary labor pains.
  • Yes at the time the pain is unbearable, but i do tend to agree that afterwards you cant actually remember just how bad it was! (the gas and air tends to help!!) We must be gluttons for punishment LOL!! Actually after i had my daughter (3rd child) i swore that if i had her first i wouldnt have had any others as her birth was the most difficult of the three.. just as well i had her last isnt it!!
  • I only remember that they hurt, not the pain. Once the baby is out- thats it, except for a few after pains.
  • It's a little bit of both. My son was 10 lbs when he was born and I was 18. i thought that i would NEVER forget that pain, but I did and it all came back to me when I had my daughter 10 years later. but I knew that it would be over soon and the payoff is much better than the price. I would go thru it 10 times over if we didn't have so many kids already.
  • Some don't because of it, but not many (obviously). It's not THAT bad, and your child is SOOOOOO worth it!
  • I had a horrible pregnancy and an extremely difficult, painful delivery. I honestly did not and still don't want to go through that again. But, I did want more children. I suppose that if I had gotten pregnant again I would have been happy to have the child at the end of it; but, I sure wouldn't have looked forward to the rest. I have to say that my so was well worth it.

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