• You shouldn't. You should read them and trust your own judgment.
  • Since it is an opinion question you are asking about you can trust that it is actually my opinion and not that of my sponsors. If it's a question that requires facts I will post a link to my source or say out right that I may be wrong because I am going by memory. So you can trust that I am either full of it or I have done my research. :)And I am no one in particular, except that I do know somethings and can do a mean Google search. :)
  • Why should you trust my opinions? Other than the fact that I know by experience. THat I had to actually fail at things to that others can actually know what to do when it happens to them.
  • idne is ethereal makes a good point. But also consider that a lot of people speak from experiences they have had that others may not. It's always nice to have options from which to choose. And answerbag is a great way to get options.
  • You can always challenge what I have to say and we'll see who's right:
    • Army Veteran
      I officially challenge your answer. While you may have attempted to lead someone to your profile, you missed. Copying that link and pasting it will only lead the person to their own profile.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      You officially challenge my answer - very funny, cause you've had hundreds of opportunities to challenge me, and not one discussion have you won. My answer is for the questioner to go over my answers to try to disprove me, since he or she feels why users' answers should not be trusted. Starting discussions is one way to get to the truth. Every answer I have given and continue to give is up for discussion. Quote: "Copying that link and pasting it will only lead the person to their own profile." Actually, I just copied the questioners profile link. Pasted: I can see it. There must be a glitch on your side, especially if you have many sock-puppet accounts going. LOL
    • Army Veteran
      Look at the link you wrote. There is nothing about "deemiekay" in it. There's a little something called "proofreading" - you should try it sometime.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      I didn't "write" no link. I pasted the link to my profile, and I also pasted the questioners profile in these comments in which I can see by opening the link. If that's all you want to discuss here... 1. The questioner can copy and paste the link to my profile in his or her browser to find my posts. 2. The questioner can click on my username to be directed to my profile. 3. Once in my profile, the questioner can choose any of my answers to discuss. 4. I will respond back ASAP. 5. Then we'll see who is right. Sounds simple to me by how I stated in my answer.
    • Linda Joy
      Like I said, she thinks she's right even when she's WRONG! Jenny Rizzo is NOT brilliant. The word profile at the end will only lead you to your own profile and not Jenny's, 1465 is right.
    • Army Veteran
      LOL. Nah nah nah nah nah nah....
    • Army Veteran
      The funny part is that she keeps insisting that it takes the person to (((HER))) profile. And, of course, when (((SHE))) clicks on it it most certainly does take her to her own profile - because (((SHE))) is the one clicking on it. When someone else clicks the link, it will take them to (((THEIR OWN))) profile. Let's try something Jenny - here is the link to (((MY))) profile. Copy & paste it to your URL bar and share the results with us: When it takes you to my profile, let us know and we (LJ and I) will relent and acknowledge your brilliance.
  • i was googling something for hubby the other day and an answer come up from an answers site ,and i said to hubby, ya cant believe that answer as its just people answering things just like me :) ....... ..on a serious matter i would say im no expert anyways things i say we are not doctors so go see a doctor....
  • I have adequate knowledge from years of research about the subjects I choose to answer. I am seldom wrong and when I am, I acknowledge my mistakes and appreciate being corrected.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Acknowledge your mistake and appreciate being corrected by me, cause your answer does not answer the question. What you fail to understand, HOW can the questioner TRUST this supposedly "adequate knowledge from years of research" of yours - when your research is no better than anyone else's in this subject? Oh, you want the questioner to take your word for it? Epic fail.
    • Army Veteran
      I listed my qualifications - how does that not answer the question? Should all answers start with "Because..."?
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      I understand how you feel, although your qualifications do NOT surpass the knowledge of other users who participated in this subject. IF I was the questioner, I would be calling you out immediately to let you know exactly what I've said. Again, you want the questioner to take your word for it? Or it sounds to me like you are saying that you are smarter than everyone else, right?
    • Army Veteran
      Oh...and like adding the word "brilliant" to your profile adds a boatload of credibility to your case? LOL! Do you know how smart I am? Do you know my IQ? Whether or not I have a high IQ (I do) is irrelevant. A person can have a Master's Degree and still be stupid. And in here, it doesn't make that much difference, anyway. This place is little more than a third-grade discussion group.
    • Linda Joy
      Jenny, You don't know the exact level of knowledge of all other users who participated, and you can't know who else will answer. And He's definitely SMARTER THAN YOU!
    • Army Veteran
      (Awww, GEEZ! You embarrass me, LJ...) LOL
  • You shouldn't. Despite my uni degrees (I have two), and despite my professional careers and amateur pursuits, you shouldn't trust anything that I write because you can't verify my credentials...unless there is verification (link to trustworthy web site, for example, backing up an answer) Ditto with regards to how everyone on here should trust your answers, of course. *** Nevertheless: even an un-supported answer can often offer useful insight to an individual. For example: if someone were to ask, "How do I fix a clog in my sink?" and I answered, the person might not believe my answer - but the person would learn terminology that they could use to look up what I was talking about, and they could see videos of how to fix the problem and actually SEE the parts that I mentioned in my answer and how to work with them, and so they would "be ahead" just by reading the answer and then doing an online search using the (proper) jargon found in my answer. (Yes, even though they didn't know it was proper jargon.)
  • You shouldn't trust anything online strangers have to say about anything important to you without checking it out for yourself. Too many trolls out there wanting to trick you. I don't think sites like this one are actually renowned for accuracy and honesty in the first place. Any answer will only be an opinion.
  • I only give answers when I know I can give a quality answer.
  • You can trust some opinions based on gut feelings or common sense. If something doesn’t make sense it’s usually not true so don’t trust opinions if they are not true. People are entitled to answer any question they please. It’s called the right to speak freely. Some opinions matter and others don’t. Only bother with the opinions that matter to you.
  • 1) Most people look to support their own opinion, not to challenge it. 2) This is a question and answer site, the whole premise is to ask questions and answer them.
  • You can trust the fact I answer AB questions honestly. Either they are my honest opinions or I reply based on my true personal experiences. Or my factual knowledge of the query, Is there any other way to respond? I utilize web sites that are objective. OTOH there is human error.
  • Why should you judge our answers when you come to amateurs for advice? If you want answers you can trust ask a TRUSTED professional. This is a place for amateurs to voice opinions and give you a general idea of how some people think. But keep in mind even trusted professionals make mistakes. Just ask your doctor's lawyer!
  • 1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.*****Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

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