• Everyone should always vote based off the politicians past experience and achievements anyway - pretty much ignore what they say to you unless it's bad : P For example, Chris Dodd I think has a great deal of experience in politics (about 25 years I think), as well as a great deal of achievements during his time as a Senator, etc. Whereas Obama is very new to politics, with only a few years as a Senator, and only a few achievements. Also people should look at the histories of the people they are considering voting for; if they say great things but have shown themselves to be deceitful or otherwise incompetent in their pasts - don't vote for them!
  • Well, if you aren't all hung up on party affiliation and where the candidate is from, you might take a look at - I was led to his site by someone here at AB, and for the first time found myself getting excited about the election. I think the candidates' records should speak for them and they should just be quiet for the next 170 days until after the election.

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