• In Britain at least, yes you do. If a policeman, or police camera spots you breaking the law at any time of night they will pull you over. (I've had friends learn this from bitter experience). I suppose the reason would be that even if it looks like there's no-one else is on the road, you could still crash into them speeding round that next corner on the wrong side of the road.
  • The law is the law, 24/7. Late at night you will be glad you were obeying the law, if you come upon a deer, a drunk pedestrian, a drunk driver who forgot to turn on his lights, or someone driving a horsecart without even a triangle reflector. These laws aren't just written to help collect fines. They are written with the help of traffic engineers who give maximum speeds for ideal conditions. "Ideal conditions" are not isolated roads on dark nights. Once in North Dakota, only because I was driving the speed limit and with my usual care did I avoid a head-on with two cows that had gotten loose. My family and I would have been bleeding in the wreck until the next car came along--probably after sunup. (Two cows=eight or ten deer=a ten-inch oak tree.)
  • Absolutely!! here is why. suppose all traffic speed signs stated: "45 mph zone in daytime only, open speed limit at nite". can you imagine how the auto fatality rate would increase? the motoring public would go crazy, without 24 hour traffic laws. aggresive drivers would have a field day and your safety on the road...would not exist. can you possibly imagine, a vehicle going 120 mph, and hitting your vehicle head-on? no survivors, seat belts or not. remember, local, state and federal traffic laws are 24-7 for a can't trust all automobile drivers to use their common sense.........AFTER HOURS!
  • You never know where a cop might be hiding. They come out of nowhere!! A few weeks ago, it was late and I was driving home on the freeway when suddenly a light came on on the dash of my car. I had recently bought my car, so I was trying to figure out what it meant was wrong when I looked up and saw lights behind me. I freaked out and didn't know where to pull over and really must have looked like an idiot. He said I swerved (I didn't know I had) and asked if I was drunk (I def wasn't). Anyway, although it might be tempting to run the red light of a deserted intersection, you never know where a cop will be (not to mention all the safety hazards).
  • Of course, although many don’t.
  • oh yes.... I was in a country lane (England, don't ya know), traffic light on red, in the middle of the night, middle of nowhere,.... hmmm... waited... I thought this was really daft, I could see the end light, so I drove on hoping some idiot (ha! the irony) wouldn't belt through the other way... Got to the other side, fine, then a mile or two down the road got stopped by a police car! They hadn't seen me, but they'd worked out that I couldn't be in THIS bit of road at THIS time unless I'd gone through the lights.... Clever little pi-olicemen. Points and a fine, ta muchly.
  • Yes. Plus, if you cultivate a habit then later on you won't have to think about it. If you don't create a habit then you increase your chances of making mistakes when you shouldn't.
  • Yes you never know where L.A.P.D. might be lurking.
  • I think the night time is the worst for speeding. I was driving my bf home at like 2 in the morning on a friday/saturday and there were sooo many drunks just wandering around, some even trying to flag me down like a taxi... idiots!!! lol
  • Traffic and criminal laws do not stop, just because the sun has gone down. If this were the case, every criminal in the country would wait till sunset to commit armed robberies, homocides, etc. Same applies to traffic laws. The laws are 24/7.
  • Uh,Yeah. You never know.
  • Yes you do 24/7
  • Yes because drunks don't always obey the law. You have to be sharper after hours.
  • I stay off the roads late at night, that is where all the drunks are drowsy people are.
  • You couldn't verify that there was no one else on the road unless you were doing reconnaissance from a helicopter. If you were flying in a helicopter then you wouldn't have obey any roadway traffic laws.;)
  • Laws are never perfect, but in the aggregate each law is usually better than our trying to figure things out on our own in each situation. So, yes, it is usually a waste of time to wait through a light when no one is there, but we should be happy to do it because in aggregate that law will save the life of the one person who would otherwise go through it and get hit. If you believe a law is a badly written law (and this one may be in that category), then I would suggest trying to change it. Otherwise, I would suggest it is usually worth suffering under badly written laws as a good example to potential law breakers (such as our kids...). Laws can be made better in many cases. For example I lived in one U.S. state where the signs said 25 MPH in school zones, period, 24/7. When I moved to another state I was happily surprised to see that the signs said "25 MPH when children are present". That seems like a more reasonable law, but of course that only works if people have a good idea of when children are or are not present. Also, the town where I live now makes the lights flash red at night so that they are treated like a stop sign rather than a stop light (no need to wait after stopping if no one is there). That might be a good alternative to lobby for. Or alternatively, think of something else useful to do while at each stop light. So, laws are usually better than having no law at all, at least in the aggregate, so we should be glad to follow the laws even when they seem a waste of time/resources on an individual level. But to do that takes focusing on the reason the law exists rather than focusing on the particular imperfections and the unnecessary inconveniences of each law. But, in any event, if you do decide to run the red lights at night, at least be prepared to happily pay your dues if the police give you a ticket... (I'm currently researching the concept of laws...) Lowell Ballard
  • Technically, you do, nobody ever does though :p
  • no, but you have to pay the ticket if you get caught.
  • Of course you do ! The law does not say to not speed unless it is past midnight and you don't notice anyone around .... .....etc.
  • at red lights stop if you can clearly see no one is coming the run it. always stop first.
  • Character~ is who you are when no one but God is watching.

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