• I'm not an expert in this field but i'll give it a try. Hurricanes need specific ingredients to form and sustain. One of the major ingredients is warm water and deep water (meaning the deep water is warm as well, not just the surface). California just doesn't have that and there for cannot sustain a hurricane. You have to get further south, near mexico to find this.
  • Hurricanes travel west. The Pacific hurricanes hit Hawaii and places like that.
  • It happens, but they're called typhoons if they originate over the Pacific.
  • If you look at this map you will see that there are plenty in your area, they just hit Mexico and not further north where the USA is.
  • We are bound for one and we are bound for other catastrophic things. Just because its not often doesn't mean it won't happen and when it does I highly advise you not to be here especially if your a grandma.
  • cause you got lucky

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