• No, I think the exact opposite. I think smoking should only be done in cars, with the windows up, so only the smoker has the "benefit" of the inhaled smoke and others don't have to be assaulted with it.
  • well in my car it should be banned
  • No, it shouldn't, a person's car is their own property and if they wanna smoke in there and get the full concentrated effect of smoking in an enclosed place like that, then they're welcome. I only see a problem when others, especially children, are in the car also.
  • If there are other people in the car or other people who use the car, then yes, I do think it should be banned.
  • Try and stop me yo...
  • Of course not. Smokers are allowed to because it is not a public place; it's their little sanctuary from the world around them.
  • I think smoking should be banned in the whole world. Many smokers do not realize the nicotine does not confine itself to their body. It comes off on everything they sit down on, and seeps into the next person that sits there. It's a disgusting, filthy addiction that kills people. Both my parents died from it, and my brother is next. One therapy technique I used to help with is to take the client in the sauna, and wrap her in a white sheet. She comes out wearing a stinking, gooey brown sheet. Then let her lie down for a cool down on a nice new clean sheet. When she gets up, her body is outlined in brown on the sheet.
  • I do. If you can't talk on your mobile phone while you're driving because your 'hands are busy' then you shouldn't be able to smoke either.
  • If there are children in the car, then yes. People don't stop to think about how hard it is for others to breathe in their smoke filled car! : )
  • You can always just open a window....
  • I think it should be banned to smoke around kids who did not choose to have smoke in their lungs. I was so pissed off when I took my kids to a kids fest that is suppose to be a place for kids to learn about gun safty,don't do drugs,don't smoke eat right etc. and their are parents smoking all over the place I don't want my kids around it think you very much If it was just me I would not have cared that much I mean ppl have the right to kill them selfs if they wont and I can walk away so I don't have to breath it but this was a place for kids and ppl should not smoke around kids not at parks,not in cars not anywhere a bunch of kids are inhaling it.
  • Enjoy for now because mark my words, the next decade will see similar attacks on alcohol. It has already started in Australia.
  • No. Let them smoke in their cars with the windows closed. And don't throw your lit cigarettes out the window.
  • NO as long as your are the owner or have the owners permission.
  • Yes. Only when children are in the car.
  • Only if: 1. There are no children in the car 2. All other users/passengers of the car are okay with the cigarette smoke and smell 3. Windows are kept closed so that the smoke does not leave the car and get into other people's cars 4. No cigarette butts are tossed out the window 5. The driver uses both hands to drive
  • I feel that smoking is not just unhealthy and without any needed health benefits, but smoking is a serious health risk ... I therefore think ALL smoking should be banned everywhere (with a possible exception for certain religious ceremonies). Since smoking tobacco has been proven beyond any doubt to be harmful to the health ... for both the smoker and those who breathe the second hand smoke ... those who do smoke should be arrested and charged with attempted suicide (if they are alone) and/or reckless endangerment (if they are with some one).
  • No, not at all. Unless it's a rental (Although people still smoke anyway), it's your car, your property. Do with it what you will. Anyone who argues with me: I will drag you down and beat you with a stick. XD
  • No way. For me, driving and smoking just go together. I'd probably be in an accident if I didn't chainsmoke behind the wheel.
  • If it's a private car, no. Obviously public transportation is different, but if someone wants to smoke on his own property, I can't see how this could be made illegal.
  • I think it should be only when there are children in the car or if the passengers are hostages. ;)
  • At the same time radios are banned from them

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