• It's been going on for years, the most that will happy is a temporary cease fire.
    • Creamcrackered
      Happen not happy, it won't let me change it, still happy and cease fire are quite compatible
  • Is the Pope Catholic? That's actually a very apt analogy.*** They will continue to attack - at least sporadically, as in the past - until Israel no longer exists, or until and unless they are completely wiped out, either by external forces (Israel) or internal forces (a competing Palestinian power group). *** The often-repeated aim of Hamas is to eradicate Israel and return all Israeli territory to Palestinian rule. >>> This is their foundational principle and ultimate purpose.
  • of course they will they hate Israel and will attack them until onside ceases to exist.
  • Yes, Hamas is like a hydra that keeps growing new heads after the old ones get lopped off. 6/9/24
  • Unfortunately, yes.
  • Hamas will attack until there is no Israel they hate them , They see it as they stole our country. How does a person become so stupid?
  • 7/7/24, Hamas fired a barrage of rockets into Tel Aviv on May 26, 2024. They will keep fighting until Israel is destroyed, being that they are militant Muslims who think they are fighting in the name of God, just like Al-Qaeda and ISIS.
  • Any year that Netanyahu is in office, Hamas will attack. I don't think they have a beef with Israel nor the people, Netanyahu seems to yank their chain. They didn't attack during the time he was out of office...only once he returned to office.
  • Since they pledged the elimination of Israel and all Jews, YES.

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