• Ask Steven Hawking's ghost, Boo! Or Professor X if you prefer to confer with the comic book world.
  • The ghosts you're talking about are only active on election day - they're the ones who are responsible for the sudden surge in votes for Democratic candidates.
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      That isn't funny. Thumbs down.
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      Not funny to you because it's a fact that you can't deny. LOL
  • Ghosts tend to have the ability to pass through walls - i.e. they have no mass, and so they don't need accoutrements in order to move. The typical Occidental ghost sort of "levitates" or "floats", while the typical Oriental ghost does not have legs at all.
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      Very informative.
  • Ghosts commonly appear in the same clothes they usually wore whilst living. They float in the air, so a wheelchair is considered dead weight. 👻
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  • Ghosts belong in the movies meaning they are pretend. They are either actors with added special effects to make them float and be scary or that the ghosts in the movies are done by CGI. Of course the actors would wear clothes provided for them from the costume department in the movies.
  • Well, they don't and they don't. It's all a product of someone's imagination.
  • Ghosts are only in books, movies, TV and cartoons.
  • Perhaps because you are not willing to expand any effort and do the least bit of research.

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