• As the name suggests it is anyone who is against Christ.
  • Bill Gates
  • I'm sure there are LOTS of different opinions on that issue. After Barry O was elected, his detractors accused him of being the "AC", then Hillary ran and they accused her of being the AC then Trump got elected and they accused him of being the AC too. The guidelines are supposed to be that the AC will be a world leader that everybody likes, who gets a mortal head wound but survives it miraculously. That leader will be the AC, according to the book of Revelations. 10/14/22
    • Linda Joy
      Some said it was Regan, as well.
    • dalcocono
      I don't doubt that a bit!
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Reagan wasn't the first. Nixon was worse, much worse. He used the IRS to go after his enemies, he endorsed a plan to bomb the Brookings Institution, and broke into Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office. All of this was illegal.
    • dalcocono
      I don't recall the title of "AC" being put on Nixon though, do you?
  • Capt. Kangaroo.

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