• Don't know, I wasn't alive when they were growing up. My father left when i was two and my mom had 7 girls to raise when I was young so she spent what time she had after work putting out fires. I wasn't usually the one with the biggest fire. My mom had anger issues (bless her heart, I would have too with the crap my sisters pulled to get her attention!) She resorted to yelling and beating. My stepfathers were all child molesters. But one got mad at me when I became a rebellious teen and drug me out of bed by my hair and kicked me with cowboy boots! Probably because I refused his advances.. But that was all so long ago! It was a learning adventure that's for sure!
  • My mom ( late) was lenient on us skipping school but my dad wasn't
  • They taught me good values so I was able to make the best life choices.

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