• I think it had something to do with judging a book by its cover (Holy Frijoles and Déjà vu! - didn't I recently give an answer like this on another question? I gotta stop eating those Flaming Hot Doritos after 7:00...!).
  • Because despite all of the miracles Jesus had performed in his sight, Jesus had NOT performed the ultimate miracle - which was HIMSELF returning from the dead. It's one thing for a prophet to raise someone else from the dead while the prophet is still alive, but quite another to RETURN to life without having a similar miracle worker raising YOU from the dead. Most of the miracles worked by Jesus had also been worked by at least one of the Old Testament prophets (usually to a lesser degree, but still the same type of miracle), but none of the Old Testament prophets had ever raised >themselves< from the dead. {{;NRSV }}
  • Because coming back from the dead was something he could not grasp without seeing it for himself.
  • Why did the Israelites disbelieve and build a golden calf?
  • I don't know it happens

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