• That depends on several things, including on how you use it and in how much you value it. For example: I don't do social media, and I'm not addicted to computer games (though I do play some), and so when I DO use technology it's usually either definitely to my advantage or quite relaxing. *** But some people are addicts (of one form or another), and of course any addiction is likely to increase stress (because an addiction is something that keeps you from functioning in a healthy way in society). *** To be fair: one might say that I am addicted to this web site...and I probably do typically spend an hour a day here (sometimes more). But for me this is enjoyable - more so than, say, watching some garbage TV show.
  • Being "old school", I can easily remember a time before it existed as it is today. People didn't spend their time staring at their phones. Their "social media" was the great outdoors hanging out with their friends. If they needed money they worked for it, not relied on stimulus checks. We had real heroes - patriotic heroes who stood up for America and fought against other political ideologies. Spending time walking down a dirt road or fishing in a quiet river was the best stress-relieving activity there ever was.

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