• She killed the suspect and now is charged with manslaughter
  • Well...clearly she DID make a mistake. She's not lying about that. *** Clearly (in hindsight) she should NOT have become a police officer or been allowed to become a police officer. BECAUSE SHE WAS A POLICE OFFICER a man is dead that should not be dead. If she were NOT a police officer that would not have happened. *** CLEARLY she should be punished for what she did. A mistake is a mistake, but you STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR MISTAKES.
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  • Major screw-up on her part. This same thing happened in a small city in CA a few years back. A guy was arrested on domestic battery and was cuffed and in the back of the car when he decided to "nut up" and started trying to kick the window out of the car. The officer intended to taze him in the back of the car and drew her firearm mistakenly and shot him.
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  • I think she meant to kill that young man. I wasn't swayed one bit by her tears. She got what she deserved. These juries are kickin' butt and takin' names! Bless them all.
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  • Its very hard for me to believe a veteran of the police force for over 20 years couldn't tell a taser from a gun. Just sayin'.
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      I agree with you Mugwort
  • She was just convicted and received 2 years in jail.
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