• I quote (from a Congressional document): >>> Because they could not anticipate and prohibit every threat a President might someday pose, the Framers adopted a standard sufficiently general and flexible to meet unknown future circumstances: ‘‘Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.’’ This standard was proposed by Mason and was meant, in his words, to capture all manner of ‘‘great and dangerous offenses’’ against the Constitution.
      Crap. Half my answer disappeared. The answer is: no, just holding a POSITION against freedom and democracy is not sufficient cause. The President must actually ***commit a crime*** in order to be impeached, and said crime must either be fairly serious or clearly a crime that runs contrary to the Constitution. For example: an elected government official accepting a bribe for political favors runs directly contrary to the intent of our democratic system, and so "bribery", even though not a serious crime in most cases, is mentioned specifically as one of the crimes that is grounds for impeachment.
    • Hulk70156
      So, Bible Reviews: making money using the power of the Presidency, like encouraging foreign dignitaries to stay in hotels you own, and using that money for personal purposes purposes - would be an impeachable offense?
      Not sure about making money. I think several past U.S. Presidents have done so (PARTICULARLY common among politicians in the late 1800s, the so-called "Golden Age"). I don't think that's actually a crime. If it *is* a crime, I don't know what crime that is or what it's called.
    • 1465 just won't lay off of Trump, will you? The only true thing you said that related to Trump was about ownership of the hotels. The rest describes Biden with his "Hunter connections".
    • Hulk70156
      FYI Donald Jr will be in jail soon, along with his dad.
  • Just "being against" a political ideology isn't a crime. Taking action against a country could be.
  • The Pres would not be following the Constitution.
  • We did, but the Republicans in the Senate voted to acquit him.
    • 1465
      That's because you have to have evidence of a crime, not trash from a fishing expedition.

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