• fried hard. BTW thank you for infering that my answer here is so important it needs to be permanently recorded for the enlightenment of future generations.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Well said :)
    • 1465
      It has nothing to do with someone's answer being "important" (good grief). It gives a chance to answer something by the less-intelligent members of the forum who weren't quick enough to get in on the comments the first time around. Having said that, I'd better give my answer before I miss out again...
  • I love scrambled eggs
  • Over easy 😋
  • a different way every day
  • I generally eat 'em scrambled (no milk please, cooked in butter only), but I also love poached and soft-boiled.
  • I have a morning routine that I don't vary from too much. I get out of bed, turn on the desk lamp, the space heater (I live in the frozen tundra called "Illinois"), turn on the kitchen light and the coffee pot on my way in to the first of many bathroom rituals to come. After washing my hands (I wash my hands so many times it's a wonder I still have any skin left on them), I drink my morning allotment of water then pour my coffee. A half-hour later, I'm sitting down to an egg sandwich with cheese and a slice of ham - sometimes on toast, sometimes not. Then I ask myself the same question: "now what the hell am I going to do to do?"
  • Scrambled with Ketchup.
  • Soft boiled or fried.
  • i love eggs every way except raw , so no favourite
  • all ways
  • Scrambled is my favorite, but I'm also a big fan of poached and soft-boiled.

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