• I tried to give my late Mom's house which is where I live to them and allow them to come in and remodel it cause I got some disabilities and needed a home that was liveable in my opinion is they messaged or emailed me with something rude it was not nice and I always thought that they rebuild ones home to make it liveable for them but I agree with you and I wish they were more truthful cause it doesn't seem like it is but I do think like you said they are some scammers
    • Victorine
      That's not what Habitat for Humanity does. It's not a scam, not at all, but they don't remodel homes for the disabled who are already living in them.
  • Does Habitat provide housing free of cost? No. Our potential partner families must first consent to having their credit checked, as they will be responsible for a monthly mortgage payment. In addition, they must meet “sweat equity” work hour requirements, based on the number of adults in the household, by helping to build not only their own home, but the homes of other partner families as well. How is the eligibility for a Habitat home determined? An applicant’s family must complete an application, provide all the requested verifications, and consent to a credit check. Once these steps are completed, the family will be interviewed in their current home by members of the Family Selection Committee, who will make a recommendation to the Board concerning the family’s suitability for the program. My credit score isn’t very good, does that disqualify me? Not necessarily. When we review a prospective homeowner’s credit, we are more concerned with their ability to pay the monthly mortgage, and meet their other monthly obligations, and not so much their FICO score. Where do I apply? A downloadable, printable application is available by clicking on the red “To Apply” button at the top of this page. Or, you can get an application at our office on East Maiden Street, or at various service agencies throughout Washington County.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Now this above information is what I found for the County in which I live in Pennsylvania USA
    • DancesWithWolves
      You need to work in order to qualify, so disabled people are out which is such a shame that's what it seems to me?
    • AskingForaFriend
      I believe people who can’t work still can qualify. They would count your disability payments (or whatever aid you get) as your income and base your mortgage payment off of that. And you can do other things besides build homes to satisfy the sweat equity requirement. But, you won’t know the terms of the mortgage until after you have volunteered hundreds of hours! And there is some pretty shady stuff in there! For example an equity sharing clause where they get nearly all of it…
    • DancesWithWolves
      Wow, that is something else? If you get any more info on this let me know, I don't know how I can volunteer cause with my disability I have poor balance and risk of falling that is why I got to be careful If I go out for a walk ..I should walk for health and lose weight but I don't due to being a fall risk?
  • My friend's wife became disabled and needed a ramp built for his house. They built it for him.
  • Their site have information on their work
  • My friend's wife was confined to a wheel chair. Habitat came and built a ramp into their house.

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