• I think their approach is all sorts of wrong. Cooking, cleaning, raising children, etc., is unpaid work, but that doesn't mean it's slave labour. If I cook a meal for myself, it's because I have to. If I cook a meal for myself and my family, it's because I can provide the same dish for 5 people with maybe twice as much labour as it takes to provide it only for myself. So it makes economical sense when dividing household labour to have one person cook a meal for everyone than to have each person in the household cook for themselves. Same with cleaning. Raising children may be unpaid work, but it pays off in the long run. Is this because men are doing less work? What is the cause for this? The article seems to beat about the bush and offer no substance. I have no doubt that times are tougher for everyone, but if women collectively have some sort of gripe with society, I think it needs to be addressed more directly in order to get to any sort of actionable plan for improvement. In our culture, there are probably a thousand reasons why women have things unfair, depending on the situation, and I don't think that there could be any one magic bullet solution to fix it all. In terms of a universal problem that affects a majority of women out of any one of those one thousand reasons, I really don't think that there is one.

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