• You're not alone. But I wonder does that extend to your money? Do you give it to people who ask for money? There is a point where we enable those who use us. And a point to which we should not give to keep us from being the needy one. And when the money is given to you by our government instead of working for it, is it really ours? It is much easier to give away someone else's money, isn't it? But some are greedy and only want to take. Others, like I used to be thought I couldn't give because I had to make sure I had enough for my son and myself to support us. Then I learned how tithes work. Now I always have enough. Being homeless helped as well. God proved to me He will always be there for me, through one frined's hands or another. I will have what I need and I have no need to worry. And I can afford to share what I have. Cool, huh? I'm glad you've learned, too how good it feels to share what you can! Good job!
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thank you, :) :)

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