• Sounds like you are appropriately prepared for lots of driving. Pulling over and using your car as cover sounds ok. Until you actually have to do it and find out there's no cover and you are just peeing in front of everyone on the highway. And you better hope there's no wind! Doesn't seem weird to me if you drive a lot
    • Linda Joy
      sounds like you need gogirl:,Plain%20and%20simple%2C%20GoGirl%20is%20a%20female%20urination%20device%2C%20also,you%20can%20stand%20and%20go.
    • AskingForaFriend
      Haha yeah easier to store than a potty, but would look even weirder on the highway!
  • On NCIS they said hydration is your enemy on a stakeout. They use a water bottle for the men and a water pitcher for the women. I think its far from ideal, but a potty does seem a little weird. I usually wait till I find a bathroom. Busses have potty's though. Its not easy doing your business in a moving bus but it beats bursting!

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