• I don't hate it, I just wonder why we need a holiday one day a year to show how much we love each other! Maybe we could be together evryday and be thankful and gift. We don't need gifts to show that, we need love. But I guess it's the easiest day to for people to notice how much we mean to each other. But all the holly people out there are probably shaming me for thinking that's all it's really about. It's about the birth of our savior. And how the three kings came to celebrate and give Jesus gifts. So now we celebrate by giving each other gifts in the name of God. But, the holiday is to also cherish each other's company. Still, why do we need a holiday? But don't hate Christmas, I just think there are better ways that we can celebrate! 😄
  • I don't hate Christmas but it's sad when almost all my Family are deceased
    • SaltyOutOfTheBLUE
      I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you have a better Christmas than you usually do! :)
    • Linda Joy
      My upstairs neighbor died just last Saturday. It helps me to try and remember them with fond memories and not mourn their death on that day. But I agree, the older you get the more friends you lose.
  • I hate all the fakery, having to say I love you to people I can't stand. And I hate the constant Christmas carols. The lights are cool but usually😕 I can't wait for it to to be over.
    • Creamcrackered
      Well, this year you could change it up a bit and be honest, can you imagine that? Lol!
    • Linda Joy
      lol @ Creamcrackered. It is what you make it. I've only gotten carolers at my door twice that I can recall. And I loved it both times! You don't have to open the door, or turn the music on, if that's what you meant.
  • I don't like religion being pushed on me.
  • i actually love christmas
    • Linda Joy
      Me too!
  • I may not be a grinch but I do not celebrate a made up event of the year created by religious weirdos who are delusional and can’t prove their point in their claims. Christmas is fake based on a fictional character called “Jesus”. Religious weirdos don’t have proof in their delusions. They are just words and no physical evidence to show. They use a fairytale bible as an excuse to backup their bull$hit claims. People who celebrate Christmas are immature and silly. All I care about of this event is the nice dinner and then giving and receiving presents when the thought counts just like a person’s birthday.
    • Army Veteran
      The presents are part of the celebration of Christmas. You want to cherry-pick and share in the good aspects but prefer to deny the actual reason for them. Your way of thinking is beyond immaturity.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      My way of thinking is mature which goes beyond immaturity. I’m not affected by religious delusions. I give presents at Christmas because it’s the thought that counts. It’s part of being generous. I don’t care about the religious reason behind it because I am not bothered by that bull$hit
  • I don't, I like Christmas. I wouldn't worry about the user "ll..Mayvi..ll." He or she is just being a grinch.
  • One thing that perplexes me is seeing an agnostic weigh in so heavily on an event associated with someone he doesn't even believe exists. So what's the big deal about Christmas, anyway? The Bible neither commands that the birth of Christ be observed nor does it prohibit it. Because there is nothing that records the precise date of Christ's birth, it is up to the individual to decide whether to celebrate it or not - and when. The date of December 25th is not the true date - there are clues in the Bible to verify this. That date was chosen mainly because of the length of daylight that the earth experiences during that time - it's around the shortest day of the year. The original celebration was a celebration of the Sun god, Ra. But the longer days that begin around that time represented a journey out of darkness and into a season that produces new life. Thus, the birth of Christ was associated with that day, replacing the festival of the Sun god. However, evidence in the Bible places the actual birth of Christ sometime in the fall. But again, it makes no real difference since no record was made and no commands were given to celebrate it. And because we were created with free will, the choice to celebrate it is left up to the individual. In recent times, due to the degradation of the political landscape, Christmas has been exploited by commercial interests who use guilt to sell their merchandise to people who can't afford it. They either overspend on their credit cards or end up having little or nothing to give to family and friends, thus creating depression.
    • Linda Joy
      I respectfully disagree. Just as atheists preach against religion, I attest that everyone has something to give. Just like the drummer boy. I've received hand written cards that mean more to me than any expensive gift. I decided almost 40 years ago to only hang hand made ornaments on my tree. The only store bought ones allowed were given to me by friends. Have you heard of the plain white envelope?

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