• I haven't gone to a yard sale since I was a little girl,and even then,I only liked the toys and music equipment,mabe some books if they had some age appropriate ones there.
  • Things that were made by a famous artist I happen to know and be very fond of. : )
  • I decorated my apartment with secondhand stuff. I like to get a bargain.
    • Linda Joy
      That's it for me right there! I hate paying full price!
  • I love going to thrift stores, etc. I look at hard cover books, (I've found so many thru the years!) as well as record albums. Jewelry pieces are big on my list. Purses too but only the "frame" style. I think the style is from the 50s
    • Linda Joy
      We're polar opposites here. If you and I went in I'd probably buy what you left and vice versa.
  • The only thing I'm trying to find at garage sales are old gas cans. I hate the new ones with the stupid safety nozzles. They work like shit. What kind of moron needs a safety nozzle on a gas can?
    • Linda Joy
      The moron that runs the EPA. lol They love stuff that works like shit!
    • Archie Bunker
      Some jerk burned himself when he was smoking and filling up his mower and spilled it everywhere. Then instead of realizing he's an idiot, he blamed someone else and now we all suffer the stupid safety nozzles.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you hear about the people that were trying to hoard gas and caught their vehicle on fire?
  • everything
  • I love to shop at thrift stores. I will buy almost anything from a thrift store. I usually just shop for clothing there. I like garage sales too.
  • Usually clothes. Sometimes random stuff like when I broke the plate in the microwave. Found a new one at the thrift store for $1. I don't go as often though since bed bugs have become a big thing where I live
    • Linda Joy
      I had to deal with those at a homeless shelter once.
  • i think you have to be pretty cheap to resort to buying things that are used.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm definitely cheap and proud of it! Why would any intelligent person pay more than they have to? Although I have my limits as well. But others see these 'things' as old treasures! Many love old books, me... not so much. The value is in the eye of the beholder.
  • I'm always looking for books. I've found some rare items at yard sales. People don't realize how much modern first editions can fetch on the rare book market, though they need to have dust jackets in good condition. I never find clothes I'm willing to buy, though I've purchased some good items at vintage clothing stores, but I've found some great old costume jewelry, including some now-valuable pieces, at yard sales.
  • I have 6 containers crammed full of stuffed animals, nothing cute or cuddly, nature and TV stuffed animals. That is about all I go to garage sales anymore.
  • Most stuff look like something my grandmother threw out.
    • Linda Joy
      I'd love to have anything my grandmother threw out! They're gone now.
  • I don't go to thrift stores that often for the same reason: I don't need more crap. However, if I need something, in particular, a thrift store can often be a gold mine. A few years ago, I purchased a brand new microwave (still sealed in the box) for $25. Even today, the cost is at least 3 times that.
    • Linda Joy
      Walmart still has them for $55, but maybe not the quality of the one you found. Great find BTW!
  • Generally speaking, I don't want to buy someone else's problems. If I want something, I want something that (I feel certain) is both high quality and still under warranty. Can't afford it? Then I do without and save my money until I CAN afford it. I'm pretty good at living "within my means", even when those means are VERY sparse (which they typically are).
  • What do you like to look for at thrift stores? - Luxury items. *** What about yard sales? - Slightly used 747s.

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