• I have one Barry Manilow album. (not sure why 'cause I got rid of the record player and I don't like Barry Manilow). I believe I got rid of all my 78's. I do have some 8-tracks stashed away somewhere.
  • Neither! We only ever had one 78 record that I recall. It had one of my favorite songs on it and my sister sat on it and broke it. I haven't had a record player or record since I lost my home in '09.
  • Yes I do. I have about 100 or so of them that belonged to my parents before they passed. Songs from their youth during the 1920s and 30s mostly with some later ones from the 40s and 50s. Mostly country music with some early rhythm and blues. I bought a record player to play them from eBay.
  • not sure if they are 78s or 33 ..was so long ago in the 70s.. i got Neil Diamond and a few others and have some real small ones that was my sisters ..nope dont play them

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