• no, mine are brown
    • Abha
      Mine`s black.
  • I would have thought it would be Albino red. Two albinos I knew had brown eyes but one albino guy I delivered pizza to had red eyes. But I only saw him in low light. Yes, I have green eyes. .
    • Abha
      i knew this !
    • Linda Joy
  • Sorry to disappoint you, mine are a cheerful poopoo
  • No but at least I can still see through them
  • No, my eyes are blue but the shade of color sometimes changes a little towards green. The ladies say it's sexy when they witness it. : )
  • Hazel eye colour appears to change, based on ambient lighting conditions and pupil dilation. I believe that the same can be said for violet and red eye colour. At any rate, green is not the only colour to behave this way. Also, it is true that only 2% of people have green eyes, but it is not the least common colour, nor even the second least common.

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