• chatter box
      Me too.
    • RadioLogic
      It's a nice emotional idea, but not realistic.
  • #deletefacebook
  • It's a toss up between the concept of interest rates and Brian Addams.
  • Cell phones
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
  • Nuclear weapons. They are the most terrifying weapon ever invented.
  • Weapons that cause harm and death, cigarettes, drugs and needles should never have been invented. I think that doctors should invent an alternative to needles. I don’t like the sight of needles and the feeling of them going into the skin when in a hospital. I wish cremation was never invented because the fire gets rid of the physical body. I personally prefer burial in a type of coffin that nothing can get into which includes worms and maggots. There are different types of burials or cryogenically frozen and they should be the only options and not cremation. I know some people want to be cremated when they pass away but they choose to have the physical body burnt and put in a jar. I don’t see the point in that and that’s why I think cremation should not have been invented. It’s better to be natural about it by having the physical body on the Earth the way we were born. Tattoos are a useless invention. They are on the skin for life and prevents the person from getting certain jobs that don’t allow tattoos. Unfortunately in the real world all these inventions by humans exist. I’m just speaking my mind for an ideal world to answer your question as fully as I can.

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