• Truck transport like the horse and carriage will die out in the next 20 or so years. Not so much because automation will make trucking like chimney sweeping an obsolete occupation. But because trucks (and truckers) are so noisy, expensive and dirty to run that it make alternatives pretty quick to come in. From hyperloops to drones there is a smaller need for the mass local transportation the haulage industry provides. Especially with more mobile customers and faster response times needed in a 24/7 world, the haulage industry cannot keep up and it's becoming faster to send a drone or a small courier from source, than send a truck load to depots and then to local stores for customers to pick up. The trucker is the "middle man" that can be done away with.
  • First of all ... I don't think Jshm22 knows what he's talking about. He doesn't seem to realize how many millions of tons of goods get moved by trucks on a daily basis. To think that drones will get the same job done .... is just plain ridiculous. Back to your question ... There are many ideas on how big trucks can reduce fuel consumption and their carbon footprint by cleaning up their exhaust emissions. None of these ideas are inexpensive or overly adequate. I believe the electric truck will replace the big diesels at some time in the future, but the technology isn't here yet. They need to figure out how to put more power into smaller, lighter batteries, and have more staying power to be able to go a lot farther than they can now between recharges. .

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