• No. It won't fit into my parking space at work.
  • The company I drive for has mostly routes over 300 miles.
    • Roaring
      There is also planned a $180K truck with a 500mi range
  • That's a big "Hell No !" from me. I think they might work fine for the short haul in a warm climate. Especially if the truck is going to return to it's own charging station at the end of the day, or six hours and that's a very short work day(which ever comes first). Okay now, let's look at the other version that can go 500 miles. That's still only 10 hours of long haul before having to recharge. Where are you going to find a truck stop big enough that's going to recharge a couple of hundred trucks overnight? And again in a warm climate? As it is right now, truck stops fill up by suppertime and you can't get a place to park, let alone plug into electricity. What happens when you're an hour away from your destination or recharge target, and you run out of battery? I seriously don't believe they will do well in a cold northern climate where we deal with freezing temperatures, snow and ice. As an owner of such a vehicle I would not only have to consider the cost of all the same normal maintenance, wear and tear involved with my old trucks ... but when it's time to replace the batteries in the electric truck .. it will cost more than the price of buying several brand new diesel engines (which can be rebuilt for a fraction of the cost).
    • Roaring
      You make some good practical points that I've not considered. Perhaps only practical for more local runs
    • Roaring
      With predictable routs. You can swap a semi at the destination fully charged and loaded for the next destination point. Like a daisy chain.
    • Ice man
      So now you'd need two trucks to do the job of one. The cost would be prohibitive of making any kind of profit. Any business that can't show a profit won't be around for very long. The only one I see coming out ahead is Elon Musk, and I even wonder if he can sell enough of them to bring his own costs in line.

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