• i only go about once a month, im not a big eater
  • Once a week, due to bread and milk. If not for that, my once monthly trip would suffice.
  • Once or twice
  • We don't have a real "grocery store" in our town, just a couple of "dollar stores" so I wait for the sales to start on Wednesdays, check out the sale papers and decide which town I want to drive about 30 miles one way to. Smith's is in one town, Raley's in another, and Safeway in another still. Sometimes I have to go to different stores on different to days to complete my shopping for the week.
  • Once a month then every day as needed.
  • I wish I could go every week! I get a ride to Aldi about once or twice a month. And a ride to Walmart maybe once every 6 mos. and Thrift store once a year? That's about it. I could go more often if I take a cab, but I'm too cheap/poor for that. And I could ask friends if I really needed something. But I try to make the options I have work. I eat the fresh first, freeze some, and keep a stocked pantry with things that will last longer.
  • 1-2 times
  • Once a week, and sometimes twice if I have to make a quick run to the grocery store.
  • I go to the grocery store as needed. Less since I joined a meal kit service.
  • Usually about once every week and a half.
  • I don't go to the grocery store more than about three or four times a year. I shop weekly on line and have the groceries delivered. It's a very tedious chore. It takes me much longer than if I drove to a supermarket to do the same shopping. There's always one or more items that they don't have and send the order without it. You can't see or touch the produce that looks best. You get what you get. When the shopping online first started, they would give you a call to see what else I would substitute for some items. They won't do that anymore. I can either go without or find someone to pick it up for me. Also, I live in a state where customers must provide their own bags, but you can't provide your own bags when shopping online. They pack the groceries in brown paper bags for which I pay 15 cents each. I have stacks of brown paper bags because, the empties can't be returned.

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